NatWest Tyl

Tyl is a new venture from NatWest, designed to challenge the current payments market.
Working within the product design team (8 strong with a 50/50 UX/UI split) my role was to create user centric design solutions to meet the companies challenging requirements. This included improving existing user flows and design patterns of the initial MVP offering as well as design exploration for new features to enable merchants to keep track of their business. The design methodology was primarily lean agile.

I worked across various aspects of the product including; on boarding journeys, quote page designs, product selection and pricing, merchant disputes, portal dashboard and data visualisation as well as continued ongoing brand exploration across the various channels.

Website & brand exploration work

Layout / Typography / Colour palette / Transitions

Earlier ideas

Layout / Typography / Colour palette / Transitions

Line art exploration

Layout / Typography / Colour palette / Transitions

Portal Overview

Layout / Typography

Portal Data Visualisation Concepts

Data Visualisation / Typography Exploration

Onboarding - Due Diligence

Layout / Typography
An example of the numerous onboarding flows. Keeping the screens clean as possible focusing on typographical balance and consistent vertical spacing for maximum legibility.

Business Settings

Layout / Typography / Line art / Desktop / Mobile